If I have to pick a new Santa Claus residence, my voice without any doubts would go for Tallin. When we visited this city, Christmas decorations were still hanging between the houses, Christmas tree was still standing in the centre of the old town and glogg would made you drunk if buying it in every wine stall. The missing part was only elves running around which would definitely let you feel like in a Christmas movie.


    That day was cold indeed. Thanks god for careful planning we successfully travel from one restaurant to another, observing surroundings through the gap between scarf and hat.

    However, the careful planning paid off not only because of this. All the places were so good that these recommendations where to eat and drink coffee are I think the best I have ever made. If ever comming back to Tallin wouldn’t doubt visiting them again.




    We stood at the closed doors a few minutes before 8:30(opening hour). But the smell… it didn’t let us sorrow. Inside it was even better: cinnamon and freshly baked goods. We were almost sure that the compliments for the most delicious cinnamon buns in the city were so true. This smell just couldn’t lie.

    We’ve tried both: cardamom and cinnamon buns. But the second ones were still my favorites. After first bite I thought it can be crunchier, but after few minutes I understood that it’s already too good to be truth. I’ve never tried such soft, wet, buttery buns before.



    These are so good I guess because of several reasons:

    • Buns are baked at the same place every morning and all customers can see the process (so you can’t hide anything);
    • The buns are made with a lot of concentration, accuracy and love.
    • The dough is fermented by themselves.



    Even though it’s a bit pricey (one bun costs 2,5€), you don’t even consider a price, because the atmosphere and the quality are worth it. Cappuccino here was a bit bitter, but it’s a perfect match with these sweet buns. (Price – 3€).




    After RØST, we pasted the entire old town and got to the bohemian Kalamaja district. There were industrial warehouse buildings with everything from markets to antiques, boutiques, or bunch of cafes.

    For a light lunch we picked F-Hoone, another place which where highly recommended by other tourists. Hundred-years old building was full of space and bohemian aura. Windows up-to-ceilings, red brick walls, old school lamps, green plants everywhere.



    We got a bit cold so we took soup with coconut milk and salmon and plate of bruschettas. The soup was surprisingly rich and bruschettas vivid with its flavours. We were full of food and happiness. Nevertheless, the bohemian aura didn’t let to leave this place. Here you wanna stay for a bit more and wonder for an hour with a coffee/book or slow conversations.

    Bruschettas wear with: red lentils hummus; cheese, spinach and garlic pasta; grilled-paprika and goat cheese; duck confit with teriyaki aioli. Even though I don’t like paprikas, goat cheese fixed everything and we both with Marija agreed that these bruschettas were the best.



    Quick hint: near there you can find a big butiques‘ place with lots of designers‘ shop and small homemade things under one roof (Telliskivi 60a.).




    That day that we came all the bakeries were preparing for the Shrove Tuesday, which in Lithuania is celebrated with pancakes. But in Estonia they don’t eat them during this day, they eat brioche with cream. To try this specialty we’ve chosen well-known bakery called “Rukis”.



    “Rukis” is a bakery which not only a dessert place, it serves full dishes, brunches and in fact you can eat here from breakfast to dinner. Although the interior still talks about it being a bakery or should I say luxury bakery, because of these crystal lamps. Even though many on Internet said “Rukis” could be disappointing some of the times, it’s good that we ignored it.

    Our waitress was kind and helpful as well as the other waiters around. Prices probably not so typical in Lithuania, although very typical here (cappuccino around 3€). I didn’t like the bake so much, but there was nothing about quality, I just not a fan of these buns with cream. Overall, the only minus here was coffee made from machine.




    It was complicated with a diner because we had few choices left: “Grenka” which is famous with its goat cheese sandwiches and “Must Puudel” because of its hipster interior and brunch. As you can guess we chose the last one. Even though the brunch was not available anymore, we believed that diner meniu could surprise as not the less.

    We ordered duck salad and baked avocado with goat cheese (the waiter said it’s top-pick here). He didn’t lie and even though the duck was nice and served with interesting ingredients (tangerines, hazelnuts, tomato puree and dark bread crutons), the baked avocado with goat cheese, rasberries’ sauce, salads, pomegranate seeds were undenably better. I would call it even a dessert as the sauce was sweet and avocado with goat cheese was sinfully creamy and rich.



    Rumors about unique interior wasn’t a lie as well. There was more than four different areas to sit, all of them with different style. So everyone can find a place that fits him best.



    The trip finished with a compulsively bought new jacket, so I was not sure whether I was so happy because of this or because of all the impressions. But probably it was a mix of everything and being already home I were saying that to visit such a wonderland near home (because I live in Lithuania) it’s a must.


    Have you found better places?

    You are welcome to share!

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